Friday, July 18, 2008

crappy crap day

do you ever have days that just suck?
well i had one of those today.
which is weird, cause yesterday was so fantastic.
anyway, i woke up early today, so i could go on an outing with some of the fam.
and everything was totally fine, and i actually ate breakfast.
which is weird, seeing as i usually get up too late to eat breakfast.
anyway, i was feeling fine, and then like an hour later, i felt like crap.
i felt pretty nauseous, and icky.
so then, i couldnt go out after all.
i had to take some icky medicine, and i ended up lying in bed all day, reading.
i actually read 2 books.
it really wouldnt be that bad, if i hadnt have felt crappy.
and i hadnt have missed out on a good outing.
i didnt eat enough today, so i got super dizzy and what not.
and it turns out that not only was my day not good, but it could have been really good if i hadnt have gotten somewhat sick.
sorry for the whiny crap, but i dont feel in the mood for un-whiny things.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


so yeah,
i have no blogging skills.
i would usually blame it on the fact that i dont really have that much to blog about, but that seems like a too typical answer.
really, i should get off my butt and do some blogging, but when you think about it, or at least when i think about it, im sitting when i blog, so really...
yes, i have too much time to think about these things. i try to be funny, but i just sound kinda weird.
i like bike riding. i find it very fun. not only is it great exercise, but it lets you explore the scenery around you. yep.
i also like jumping on trampolines. even though you get tired very quickly, it is still quite amusing.
i just ate some pie, but i want some more because it tastes good.
this is probably the most random blog entry you will ever read.
the next one will be better.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

i have no idea why, but i have always found some sort of freedom in exercise.
i have been called a health freak, and say what you will, but i will never stop enjoying it.
when you've had a bad day, its always great to go for a run or something. yes, you feel tired, you may even feel pain, but with those feelings is also power. its a weird feeling.
i guess i may be one of the only people who feel this way. and often my mood changes depending on what exercise i do.
but i must say, i am a health freak today, and i will be forever.

it has always puzzled me how humans seem to want what they cant have.
when things are boring, you want change. but when things change, you crave the normal feeling of old routine.
when you are blazing hot in the middle of summer, you wish you were in the coldest part of the world. but in the middle of the frosty winter, you wish you were warm again.
i wonder, how does this work? are people not meant to be happy, or is there some hidden secret behind how to get past this unsatisfying feeling?

Monday, June 30, 2008


isnt it weird?
how the time you really think about what you did that day, is the time where you actually write it down?
ive realized, that the only true hobbies i have, are reading and writing. some may think that its weird that the two hobbies i truly enjoy are the ones that take you out of your own world completely.
is that supposed to mean something significant that i will later discover?


hey guess what?
i dont really know what to write in this.
i see im not very pro at this blogging business.
oh well.