Friday, July 18, 2008

crappy crap day

do you ever have days that just suck?
well i had one of those today.
which is weird, cause yesterday was so fantastic.
anyway, i woke up early today, so i could go on an outing with some of the fam.
and everything was totally fine, and i actually ate breakfast.
which is weird, seeing as i usually get up too late to eat breakfast.
anyway, i was feeling fine, and then like an hour later, i felt like crap.
i felt pretty nauseous, and icky.
so then, i couldnt go out after all.
i had to take some icky medicine, and i ended up lying in bed all day, reading.
i actually read 2 books.
it really wouldnt be that bad, if i hadnt have felt crappy.
and i hadnt have missed out on a good outing.
i didnt eat enough today, so i got super dizzy and what not.
and it turns out that not only was my day not good, but it could have been really good if i hadnt have gotten somewhat sick.
sorry for the whiny crap, but i dont feel in the mood for un-whiny things.


[H] said...

oh special muffin... things will look up.... keep smiling!

Rainbow Rodeo said...

I swear do you ever stop complaining???????

Rainbow Rodeo said...

Wow, I was MEAN! ^ (arrow)

Rainbow Rodeo said...

it didn't work!!!!!

Rainbow Rodeo said...

I made a super awesome arrow.